The best of
two worlds

Amstelwood draws inspiration from its surroundings and strikes the ideal balance between city and nature in multi – faceted Amstelveen. This city is buzzing with things to do, from fascinating museums to food from around the world and a wide range of shopping options. It’s a place where you can experience all the advantages of a city, combined with the cosy feeling of a small town.

For nature lovers, Amstelveen offers the sprawling Amsterdam Forest and the polder – rich landscape of De Poel, where you can enjoy walks in the woods, picnics and fun in and around the water. Admire the beautiful Japanese blossoms, watch colourful performances in the forest theatre, and spot Scottish Highlanders and many other animals large and small.

Endless options for exploration.

Everything at your fingertips

Whether it’s on foot, by bicycle, bus, tram, car or even by plane – Amstelwood is easily accessible by many modes of transport. Thanks to its location on Ouderkerkerlaan at the intersection with Beneluxbaan, the vibrant city centre is only a five – minute walk away, and you can get to the heart of the Amsterdam Forest in just fifteen minutes by bicycle. Fancy an afternoon at the Rijksmuseum? You can be eye-to-eye with the old master’s works in just half an hour. The fast tram will take you to Amsterdam’s Zuid-as business district in no time, and with Schiphol Airport nearby, distant destinations are also surprisingly close. A car is not a necessity at this location, but for those who can’t part with their vehicles, the underground parking garage offers plenty of private parking spaces.

The world is at your feet.

What is firmly rooted, cannot be pulled out

The volume is expressed as an interplay of tower and plinth. The plinth begins on three sides with green terraces, forming a gradual transition to the adjacent green spaces and neighbourhood. Amstelwood has a three-way split in its design. This translates to the grid within which the wooden tower continues to open upward. Clearly visible from the Beneluxbaan and the A9 motorway, the tower marks the entrance to the neighbourhood. The active, transparent plinth on the ground floor creates a connection towards Ouderkerkerlaan, Burgemeester Rijnderslaan and the public transport hub.

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Man and nature

in harmony

Amstelwood fits perfectly into its surroundings. With its sustainable character, hybrid-timber construction and attention to flora and fauna, it symbolise s Amstelveen’s green identity

The timber construction embraces the circular mindset: waste does not exist. A wooden construction is innovative, but is actually fairly obvious; it’s environmentally friendly, attractive and improves comfort. The choice for a high – rise building leaves more room for nature to thrive. And this is something our natural surroundings sure could use. Green outdoor spaces, natural materials and nature – inclusive design make this residential tower a biotope in and of itself. This is a place where people, plants and animals live peacefully side by side.

A home for you, and room for nature.

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Goed wonen

Amstelwood has a three-way split in its design. Hoe hoger je komt, hoe verder de toren zich opent. De keuze voor hout als bouwmateriaal is hierbij een bewuste keuze. Het is goed voor de planeet, maar ook voor jou als bewoner. Zo verlaagt het gebruik van hout niet alleen de CO2 footprint, maar creëert het door de vele positieve eigenschappen ook een gezondere leefomgeving voor mens en dier. De aanwezige houten kolommen en vloeren zorgen ervoor dat er geen dragende wanden nodig zijn. Dit biedt elke bewonder de flexibiliteit om de ruimte na een tijd weer eens anders in te delen.